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How are our mind-body-spirits connected to the universe? Can we harness the universe’s unlimited power for personal discovery and growth? What can science teach us about the existence of God? 


Quantum Mind, Quantum Prayer joins physics and metaphysics, faith and reason, and science and mysticism to answer life’s biggest questions. 


In this book, Charles J. Marcus explores the holiest prayers and religious traditions from both East and West side-by-side with quantum mechanics and other scientific discoveries to explain the unexplainable. Beginning with the Shema, Judaism’s most sacred prayer, Marcus weaves together Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism to reveal the unitive nature of existence. We are all inextricably connected, and you are one glorious part of all that is.  


A bold exploration of religion, prayer, and being, Quantum Mind, Quantum Prayer delves deeply into the unitive nature of existence to show how the energetic essence of what you are is no different than the substance that makes up the world, God, and reality itself. 


Through this book, you will see that you have the same unlimited power and potential that is contained within every subatomic particle. This spiritual and scientific journey will lead you to the experiential understanding that love, beauty, peace, and happiness are the fundamental realities of the universe — and your divine destiny.


How are physics and metaphysics connected? 
What light can science shed on mysticism? 
Where do Abrahamic and Eastern religions unite when it comes to questions about the nature of God? 
Quantum Mind, Quantum Prayer is a bold and innovative approach to religion, prayer, and being.

Beginning with Judaism’s most fundamental and mystical prayer, the Shema, which affirms that God is One, this book delves, deeply into the unitive nature of existence to argue that God, humankind, and creation are One. 
Every particle in the universe is connected, 
And you are one glorious part of all that is. 
In Quantum Mind, Quantum Prayer, you will learn how to harness the unlimited power of the universe for personal discovery and growth. 
A new reality of peace, love, and joy is waiting. 

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