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Speaking Engagements


Charles J. Marcus has been speaking since 2012 at a variety of venues including church and temple groups, senior centers, philosophy groups, book clubs, meditation groups, assisted care/nursing homes and private groups. He also teaches a weekly, on-going, philosophy/metaphysics class.

In these sessions, Charles synthesizes the unitive themes from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism to show how all major religions have love and identity with the Divine as their main theme, and how this ‘sameness’ is readily available to all.

His talks are interactive, often more like workshops, where participants are encouraged to ask questions and speak with each other.

Short meditations and visualization are used as an aid to self-discovery and self-revelation.


These talks help generate insight into the most pertinent and relevant questions in life, including but not limited to the nature of being, the Self, mind/body/emotion relationships, happiness, suffering and God.

Charles assists seekers in exploring Divinity, and examining their conditioned perceptions (and misperceptions) which can block our path to happiness and realization. He encourages seekers to develop their own personal relationship with God and to understand true faith.

He examines the concepts of awareness and consciousness as the peace, power and intellect in our direct connection through identity and sameness with God.

He discusses the benefits of prayer, meditation and contemplation as a means and aid to realization of ourselves, being and God.

He uses quantum physics as an understanding of who and what we are with a scientific approach.

Charles has a very refreshing approach to philosophy resulting in a very logical and pragmatic way, where miracles and superstition are abandoned in favor of the realization of the creative power of manifestation which is contained within our very beings.

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